Warren D. Bravo

VP/Secretary of BRAVO Enterprises and VP of Tax Practice for BRAVO

Warren D. Bravo is a key driver responsible for growing the tax practice business for the past 15 years. Born in Ecuador, he was brought to the U.S. at the age of 25 years old. Warren quickly developed training and managing skills. Started working as an accountant for a local car wash, he discovered his amazing ability and interest in numbers. He then started helping his brother Flavio with his tax/accounting business in 2001 and then mastered the profession and got his state license in 2001. Shortly after, he decided to expand the business by opening up his own office and started working up his clientele. By 2003, he became a certified tax instructor at the Tax Smart America. Soon after that, started working on tax cases, challenging IRS assessments and saving taxpayers thousands of dollars. With his leadership, managing and tax skills, he has been able to put an astounding tax team together.