Bravo Tax & Financial Services, Inc. is looking to grow our teams with talented people. We believe that our existing employees are in a great position to help us find the best job candidates. We recognize that current employees are likely to refer only those individuals best suited to work at our company, and therefore we wish to reward them for their referral efforts.

Position(s) Available

  • Database Architect | Full-Time (40hours/week)

    Job Duties: Implement database across the organization, while ensuring confidential data in the databases have high levels of security, data integrity, and data availability. Database performance monitoring and SQL query tuning. Install, configure, database design and migration. Systematizes and streamlines data protocols and procedures. Implement technical process flow solutions. Design of data in the major data platforms, with focus on analytics, reporting and visualization. Translate business requirements into technology solutions. Administers dashboards, reports, forms, templates, bases, and workflows. Work closely with accountants to consolidate database administration, maintenance and processes. Implement data enhancements that includes QA/Testing. Work with IT on the interfaces and backend/database.

    Requirements: Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, or related, plus 1 year of professional experience as Data Architect, Software Engineering, Project Coordinator or related. Any suitable combination of experience of education, training, or experience is acceptable.

    Education or Experience must include: IDE, C++, Python, batch/shell scripting, C#, JQuery, MySQL, JavaScript, PHP, API, Visual Studio, Code Blocks, IDLE, Windows, Linux OS, TCP/IP, Routing protocols,  Enterprise Software, Access, Oracle Database.

    Job Location For Position Listed Above: Anaheim, Ca


    To apply, mail resumes in attention to Human Resources at 611 N. Euclid Street, Anaheim, CA 92801. Must include REQ #DA054.